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Do you want to earn some extra money by taking online surveys? According to recent research, taking surveys online is by far the easiest way for just about anyone to make some extra money in their spare time. Maybe you have some free time on your lunch break or enjoy surfing the net in the evening why not put your time to good use by joining research panels and put some extra cash in your pocket at the same time.


Make money doing surveys online


Free Online Paid Surveys Available to Everyone


Anyone can make money online and if you are willing to invest a little time taking paid surveys it won't be long before you start seeing the rewards which could include anything from high street vouchers, cash prizes, gifts and of course real money. Its easy to start simply sign up with as many market research sites as possible, this will ensure you get the best chance of receiving as many paid surveys as you can on a regular basis. We've listed the top 5 highest paying market research sites for this month below to get you started, the rest can be found in our UK survey or International survey sections.


Top 5 Best Paying Survey Sites for January 2019


Join Swagbucks - Swagbucks (Swagsurveys) is a new and exciting paid survey panel site that already has millions of members around the World. For taking surveys with them you could be earning as much as £1.50 - £40 each! You are paid in points that are known as SB. As well as taking surveys you can also earn money from doing other online activities. Once you have earned enough SB points you can visit their store and redeem them for loads of stuff including anything off the Amazon website, gift cards or cash via Paypal. Once you have registered and confirmed your email you can login to your account to start earning straight away.


Join CFS Panel - The CFS Panel (Cash for Surveys Panel) is a new and exclusive survey panel that you won't find anywhere else. It is fast growing with 3000+ members in the UK alone. The site is powered by popular market research company, Cint. By joining the CFS Panel you will earn cash which can be redeemed via Paypal once you have just £8 in your account. Paypal payments are sent instantly as soon as you make a redemption. You can also choose to get to £10 and redeem a £10 Amazon gift voucher. Make sure you confirm your e-mail address to start receiving paid surveys from them.


Join OneOpinion - Love taking online surveys and earning cash rewards? Then join the exclusive OneOpinion. For each survey you complete you will earn points. 1000 points is £1 and as soon as you have 25000 points you can cash out for £25 cash. Your money is sent via Paypal or you can choose to a prepaid Mastercard that can be used almost anywhere to buy anything! (UK and US only)


Join Hiving - Hiving is a market research site that is available to new members in over 20 countries around the world. The panel rewards you with cash for taking surveys and on occasion testing free products. For your time and efforts you are rewarded with Hiving Points that can later be cashed in for money sent to your Paypal account. At this time 400 points is the equivalent of £4. You can also choose to save up your points and cash out £8 or £12 instead.


Join SurveyRewardz - The SurveyRewardz panel is a brand new survey site. On this survey site you can earn extra cash within a short amount of time taking surveys. The system they use on this site is much more efficient than elsewhere at matching you up with relevant surveys based on your profile information. This means you won't get screened out as much so you can concentrate on earning more money. You only need at least $1 in your account to cash out by Paypal or $5 to cash out by cheque, virtual visa card or Amazon voucher. Due to these low minimum payouts and the amount of surveys available here you could get your first payment in the first few days and many more to follow.


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