Brand Institute



Brand Institute is one of the largest market research companies in the world. They currently have over 7 million members taking their high paying online surveys.


The online surveys that Brand Institute carry out are half on Pharmaceutical products and half on consumer products. Anyone from any country is welcome to join, however if your are a medical professional its likely that you will receive lots of high paying surveys on a regular basis. You may even be invited to take part in a focus group where you will earn up to as much as £20 - £50 per hour.

On average you will receive between $2 (£1.20) and $30 (£19.50) per online survey that you take. Once the project (survey) has been completed your payment will be sent via cheque or Paypal instantly so there's no waiting around for your money.


Brand Institute are one of the highest paying survey sites that we have reviewed.




- Between $2 (£1.20) and $30 (£19.50) per survey


- Invitations for focus groups at £20 - £50 per hour


- Payments in cash at end of online survey via cheque or Paypal


Joining Requirements


Resident of any country


Age 18+


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