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Paypal is the internets biggest payment processor. All you need to join Paypal is an e-mail address then you can have payments sent from many places on the internet straight into your Paypal account, this can then later be moved straight into your bank account or used to purchase items online.


There are a couple of major benefits to being paid via Paypal for taking surveys rather than cheque or vouchers through the post. The first is fairly obvious, an online digital payment will get too you much faster than payment sent through the post. The other benefit is that by being paid online many survey sites will pay you at a lower amount than sites choosing to send a cheque, this is mainly because their processing or admin fees will be much lower.


The big problem facing many survey takers is actually finding the market research sites that will pay you with Paypal payments. The following is a list of survey sites from around the world that use Paypal as their main payment method:


Join CFS Panel - The CFS Panel (Cash for Surveys Panel) is a new and exclusive survey panel that you won't find anywhere else. It is fast growing with 3000+ members in the UK alone. The site is powered by popular market research company, Cint. By joining the CFS Panel you will earn cash which can be redeemed via Paypal once you have just £8 ($12.50 in US) in your account. Paypal payments are sent instantly as soon as you make a redemption. You can also choose to get to £10 and redeem a £10 Amazon e-gift card. Make sure you confirm your e-mail address to start receiving paid surveys from them. (UK and USA only)


Join Mintvine - Mintvine one of the newest and most original survey sites that is currently available online. As well as earning money for taking surveys, you can earn extra cash for taking part in offers, doing polls and referring your friends. The most unique part of Mint Vine is their brand new Mint Roll surveys. The Mint Roll surveys are based on your behaviour as well as your opinions. These are available 3 times a week and for each one you complete you will get an extra $2 in your account. For registering today you will get an instant $2, for completing all the profilers you get $5.10 and you can cash out at just $10 straight into your Paypal account. (International)


Join Hiving - Hiving is a market research site that is available to new members in over 20 countries around the world. The panel rewards you with cash for taking surveys and on occasion testing free products. For your time and efforts you are rewarded with Hiving Points that can later be cashed in for money sent to your Paypal account. At this time 400 points is the equivalent of £4. You can also choose to save up your points and cash out £8 or £12 instead. (International)


Join OneOpinion - Love taking online surveys and earning cash rewards? Then join the exclusive OneOpinion. For each survey you complete you will earn points. 1000 points is £1 and as soon as you have 25000 points you can cash out for £25 cash. Your money is sent via Paypal or you can choose to a prepaid Mastercard that can be used almost anywhere to buy anything! (UK and US only)


Join Unique Rewards - Unique Rewards is available in the UK, USA and Canada only. The site rewards you with cash for doing everyday tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos, shopping, completing tasks, reading emails or clicking ads. For registering with them today you will get a free $5 (£3.25) to get you started. As soon as you have just $20 (£12) in your account you can cash out by cheque or Paypal. There are lots of offers for you to take part in on the site. Some members have reported earning as much as $100+ (£60) in their first few days! (UK, USA & CAN only)


Join SwagSurveys - SwagSurveys is a new and exciting paid survey panel site that already has millions of members around the World.  For taking surveys with them you could be earning as much as £1.50 - £40 each! You are paid in points that are known as SB. As well as taking surveys you can also earn money from doing other online activities. Once you have earned enough SB you can visit their store and redeem them for loads of stuff including anything off the Amazon website, gift cards or cash via Paypal. Once you have registered and confirmed your email you can login to your account to start earning straight away. (UK, USA, Canada, Australia)


Join SurveyRewardz - The SurveyRewardz panel is a brand new survey site for 2015. On this survey site you can earn extra cash within a short amount of time taking surveys. The system they use on this site is much more efficient than elsewhere at matching you up with relevant surveys based on your profile information. This means you won't get screened out as much so you can concentrate on earning more money. You only need at least $1 in your account to cash out by Paypal or $5 to cash out by cheque, virtual visa card or Amazon voucher. Due to these low minimum payouts and the amount of surveys available here you could get your first payment in the first few days and many more to follow. (UK, US, CAN & AUS only)


Join Survey Downline - SurveyDownline is a 100% free service where residents of The United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia can earn cash by taking surveys online. At other survey sites you may receive an entry into a sweepstakes or a small cash reward that only represents a fraction of the income generated. They share up to 50% of the money they earn with their members - a true partnership! Once you have accumulated $30 (£13) in your account you can redeem it for a payment via Paypal or Facebook credits. (UK, USA, Canada, Australia)


Join MySurvey - By becoming a member of MySurvey (formally known as Lightspeed) you are rewarded with between £1 to £5 for every online survey that you complete. To begin earning rewards simply enter your details in the short form on their site, this will take no more than 3 minutes. For becoming a member you will also get 5 entries into their prize draw to win £2000 cash. (UK)


Join Toluna - Toluna (formally known as Test and Vote) is one of the largest paid survey communities with just under half a million members. Toluna rewards you for taking surveys, polls and votes on their website. Once you have enough points you can exchange them for either high street vouchers from a variety of shops or online discount vouchers. Toluna also give you the chance to test free products which you then review to earn you additional points. As of early 2014 you can now also exchange your points for £30 Paypal cash. (UK)


Join Opinion Outpost UK - Opinion Outpost are part of one of the biggest market research sites in the world. By joining and taking online surveys you will be rewarded with points. Once you enough points in your account you can get your cash quickly by cashing out for a low minimum amount of just £2.50. (UK)


Join Viewsbank - By becoming a member of the Viewsbank site (formally known as My Consumer Intelligence) you will be paid for taking paid surveys and completing mystery shopping projects. The mystery shopping projects you could take part in could include telephoning various companies, shopping on the high street for different products, testing free products or writing reviews about websites. For your time you are rewarded with cash which will be sent to you via Paypal once you have just £5 in your account. Once you have registered and completed the profile information you should log straight into your account to see what money making opportunities are instantly available. (UK)


For lots more paid surveys use our free UK paid survey guide today or if your outside the UK try our International survey Section.



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